Friday, June 1, 2012

PowerPoint Presentations

Today was a big day in LAK Airways!  We celebrated our completed PowerPoint presentations on habitats in the morning, and the children had Water Day with the PE coaches in the afternoon.  For the last two weeks my students have been working in groups of two or three to create a ten slide Habitat presentation.  I have already taught my 2nd grades how to use Microsoft Word with success, so guiding them through Microsoft PowerPoint was a logical succession.  It is amazing how much the students will pick up, with little instruction!  I did a few whole class lessons to teach the basics of PowerPoint.  They also had a rubric with expectations, along with a detailed description of what to include on each slide (example: animals in habitat with pictures and words or where to find this habitat with map).  This project was an integration of technology, reading, writing, and science.  The students loved this time of day.  They couldn't wait to research facts in books, work on the computer and write facts.  During this time, I was available to help all groups with what they needed.  Sure they had questions, but they also were able to figure out lots of things on their own.  Today, as a culminating activity, we presented our PowerPoints to our class, and welcomed another 2nd grade class to join us.  The students shared their presentation, a Voki animal, a poem they created, and their persuasive review of what people can do to help their habitat.  I am including one great example.
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